Labrador Thief Caught Red Handed On CCTV


Labrador Thief Caught Red Handed On CCTV

A Facebook post published in the timeline of one Mr. Ashutosh Yadav shows CCTV images of a guy stealing a labrador dog. These images of the Labrador thief has gone viral in Facebook with more than 1.7k+ shares in a day. The series of images captured by the CCTV camera gives a clear detail of the incident (theft) and also pictures of the guy who took away the dog from it’s rightfull owners.

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Labrador Thief Caught Red Handed On CCTV-Fantoosy
Image Credit: Facebook/Ashutosh Yadav

The Facebook Post read as

“The person in these pictures has stolen my Labrador on 13 Aug 2016 Saturday from Asha Pushp Vihar Society, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad.

You are requested to please don’t comment on this post, and just forward/share it to help catch the suspect. Please message from Facebook in case of any information.

If the person in picture gets to read this post, he’s requested to please return the speechless pet. He is being treated for Kidney infection for last 1 year.

Thanks in advance to people who help by sharing the post.”

Let’s help Ashutosh find his belowed pet by sharing this post with the world.