Learn How To Swear Like A Brit!


Learn How To Swear Like A Brit!

The British have always been known for eloquence and wit in their manner of speech. They are, after all, the ones who created the English language. The British accent has an element of class to it, and people from around the globe try to get their own accent as close to it as possible. One fascinating aspect of British grammar and the British accent is the way that Brits swear and curse. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to Learn How To Swear Like A Brit sometime or the other. Well, here’s your chance!

There is a different level of passion and intensity to the way the British swear – a level that cannot be replicated using any other language. When the British swear, you know they mean what they say! Anglophenia‘s video explains it all. Check them out, as well as host Kate Arnell, for all things British!

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We definitely hope you learned something new today. Remember, it is scientifically proven that swearing is good for you!