Letter to my Son — Seeking Help is Cool


Letter to my Son — Seeking Help is Cool

Letter to my Son — Seeking Help is Cool

Hope this mail finds you in great spirit.

Since you joined UTM, I have been asking myself what can I do to help you succeed in your journey of life. You have already taken the first big step of a successful journey. But its not the last step ( I guess there will never be a one last step). Its just the beginning. And from now on, you will have to walk on your own.

So I thought let me share my perspective and learnings from life and hope that you may find some of these learnings useful as you navigate through the challenges that would be thrown at you from time to time.

Son, I have realized that one key characteristic of all successful people is that they never shy away from asking for help. In fact they are masters in seeking and getting help from others.

I remember this dialogue from Harry Potter where Dumbledore tells Harry — “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it”.

Then why so many people stay away from seeking help ? Because they feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Nothing is farther from truth. Look around and ask any successful people, they will tell you, one can’t succeed without the help from people around him/her.

At your university, the administration understands that and therefore many systems have been designed and kept for students to get help. The REC, DON, Student clubs, Seniors, Assistants to the Profs, Counsellors etc etc … I urge you to reach out to each and every one of them and interact. You don’t need to wait till a disaster hits you to seek help. You can reach out and say hi and let it flow from there.

Over the years, I have realised that, people loves to help others. You know why? Because it boost their morale and self image. So by seeking help, you are not only making yourself more successful, you are helping the other person to feel better about himself/herself. Isn’t it cool?

So reach out .. and you don’t need a panic situation for reaching out..

And please forgive me if this note gives you an impression that I am making an assumption that you are not reaching out … No, on the contrary, I am proud of the fact that you are a very smart young man. And you want to succeed in studies and in life.

I am just writing this to share my own learnings and to reinforce your beliefs in whatever you are doing.

May you be happy , may you be healthy and may you be successful. May God bless you. Love.




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Sanjeeb Kalita
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