Locally Made Designer Water Coolers Dying a Natural Death


Locally Made Designer Water Coolers Dying a Natural Death

Once a poor man’s AC, the once omnipresent water coolers are dying it’s natural death. Not because it is out of fashion. It is because there is not enough water to drink, leave alone for a water cooler.

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Locally Made Designer Water Coolers Dying a Natural Death

Sad because in a hot dry Delhi summer ( Maximum temperature in May this year has touched 46° C already, that is an awesome 115° F) the Air Cooler was a must in all lower and middle income homes. It was effective as well as cheap to run.

There was a time when on a hot summer night the room used to get so chilled with an air cooler that one had to take a “Chaddar”. There was no water problem then and ACs used to cost a little less than a Fiat 1100 Delight car. Remember the KHAS made doors on the offices and a few wealthy shop keepers where their staff would splash water after every hour or so.

A whole patrawala industry has packed up and vanished. The days when GI sheet prices used to touch the sky before summer has long gone.

Only small towns with adequate water will still have room for home grown evaporative coolers. Today there are fewer inquiries for industrial evaporative cooling systems as water is a very scarce resource .

Like the PCO boom died when cell phones became popular. Maybe some day in distant future the today’s window and split AC s will also die. When solar powered domestic ACs become viable and cheap.

That will be a super benefit to mankind, because solar power is endless and almost free.

Indirectly it is the AC Industry which is the gainer when compared to the Air Cooler industry.