Love Games : Movie Review


Love Games : Movie Review

The film Love Games starts and ends with the following couplet :

Roses are red, violets are blue
Sex can be messy, love can be too.

After watching it right till the end, this is my own twisted take on that couplet :

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Love Games is trashy, It wont work for you.

Writer – director Vikram Bhatt takes you down the road of Page 3 socialites – high on drugs and low on morals. One such lady is Ramona Raichand (Patralekhaa Paul) who is having an extra marital with her coke snorting toy boy Sameer Saxena (newcomer Gaurav Arora). Sammy boy (as she calls him) has a penchant for slitting his wrists and visiting a psychiatrist (a pensive Rukhsar) for treatment. He also reluctantly agrees to awkward threesomes with random girls set up by Ramona.

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Love Games : Movie Review

Next, Ramona baby suggests “love games” to Sammy boy. “What’s that?” he inquires. “Well, it ain’t that complicated” she assures. It’s basically the two of them hitting (separately) on fellow page 3 married couples as strangers; whoever gets to bed the opposite partner first is the winner and gets a weekly supply of coke (the drug, not the drink!!!) as a reward. The game begins and Sam wins round one.

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Next, the two love gamers eye on the Asthana’s. Alisha (Tara Alisha Berry) is a surgeon who operates her emergency patients wearing an apron over her micro minis. She’s in to a physically abusive relationship with her lawyer hubby (some goddamn shrieking TV actor) and falls for Sammy boy who proclaims his undying love for her through a rather unmelodious song, applies some green lotion on her bruised bare back and finally beds her.


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Expectedly, love strikes them both. Ramona laughs it off and suggests best of both worlds to Sammy dear. “Wahan classical piano, Yahan hard rock”. Sam says no thank you. Ramona ain’t happy. You aren’t with the film so far, either. Thank heavens, its interval time.

The second hour is all about more sex, deceit, blackmail, confession, counter blackmail and finally a murder. Yea, a kinky kinda murder where the killer plays candy crush on mobile after finishing off the victim.

On paper, the concept of swingers with a murder element thrown in, had potential to be a desi ‘Basic Instinct’ (1992). But Vikram Bhatt is no Paul Verhoeven nor does Patralekhaa possess the physical attributes of Sharon Stone to pull of the role of a psychotic swinger convincingly.

Tara Alisha Berry looks awkward in the kissing scenes though overall, she emotes better. Gaurav Arora needed a better launch. And we, as an audience, deserved a better erotic thriller…




Story and Screenplay
Production Quality
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