‘LPG Company’ Fraud Racket Active In Mumbai


‘LPG Company’ Fraud Racket Active In Mumbai

Today’s society is plagued with evil minds who are driven only by greed and the thirst for money. In such a situation, people are resorting to measures like fraud and fabricated stories, to fool innocent people into believing their false stories and falling into their trap. One such fraud racket doing the rounds in Mumbai is one where a lady (or a group of people) is pretending to be from a gas company, and is asking for an annual maintenance fee, after which she and her group of criminals rob the victim’s house.

Nisha Fernandes, who shared this news through her Facebook profile, mentioned this in her post, along with the photograph:

fraud racket
This is the ID shown by the woman who may be leading this group of con-men.

“Be alert.
There is a lady (and may be a group of people) who may come to your house and ask for annual membership fee of Rs 200 for gas stove maintenance. She is from the so-called ‘LPG’ company which is a bogus company, it doesn’t exist. She carries company ID and a set of membership cards, and chloroform as well. She may ask if she can use your toilet and then call her group and explain the position and situation of the house; after which they will break in and rob each and every thing in your house , Do not allow her into your house , and instead try to inform the police immediately. Currently she / this group is operating very actively.

Do send this message and save someone from robbery / life / untoward incident.”

New incidents like these are increasing in number, and it is becoming harder to trust people. It is necessary for us to be careful and only trust people from sources which we are familiar with, and people who are truly trustworthy. If at all a stranger seems trustworthy to you, it is necessary for you to see the necessary proof and cross-check whether they really are telling the truth. If someone seems suspicious from the first moment, do not entertain them, and if necessary, inform the police.