Mammootty and Soap Company Sued by Man for Not Making Him Fair!


Mammootty and Soap Company Sued by Man for Not Making Him Fair!

In India, fairer people are, for some reason, generally considered to be better looking than those with a darker shade of skin. So it’s not a surprise that fairness creams and fairness products sell like hot cakes in the Indian market. These brands advertise with great confidence and flair that they can make you fairer by several shades in a matter of days or weeks. But these promises turn out to be false, more often than not. Such was the case with K Chaathu, a sculptor from Kerala. He bought a fairness soap advertised by an acclaimed actor, Mammootty, and didn’t get the desired results. But unlike most people, who choose to just let it go and bad-mouth the soap company with their friends and then forget about it, he chose to take the company AND the actor to court.

The Indulekha White Soap Ad Campaign, with film star Mammootty in it.

Not only did K Chaathu take them to court, but according to The Huffington Post, the sculptor will get a compensation of Rs 30,000 from Indulekha White Soap after Chaathu took the matter to a consumer court. Chaathu had approached a consumer court in Wayanad in early 2015, claiming a total compensation of Rs 50,000 from Mammootty and the soap company after the ‘fairness soap’ didn’t do any of the things that the company had promised it would. PTI had reported that the case was taken up in court in September 2015.

What K Chaathu has done is what most of us are too lazy to do, because we fear that the effort will go to waste. But it takes just one such man to warn such companies that take advantage of consumers because of their desires, selling them false promises with products that are not even close to as extraordinary as they are sold to be.

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