Man with Dwarfism Honored by Limca Book Of Records


A Man with Dwarfism has been Honored by Limca Book Of Records for his Achievements in Sports:

A Man with Dwarfism has been honored by Limca Book of Records for his achievements in sports. Really it is a great achievement by K. Y. Venkatesh, a man aged 44 born with dwarfism. Actually he is 4 feet 2 inches tall. He had achieved this because of the inspiration got from the story of a women affected by polio, and the achievement she made by crossing the English channel and also by his deep passion towards sports. This Para sports man is from Bengaluru. His dwarfism was the result of a condition called achondroplasia. Still he won the highest number of medals in the World Dwarf Games, 2005 and also has a good academics with a Masters Degree.

Man with Dwarfism Honored by Limca Book Of Records

“I never faced many problems when I was growing up. The only challenge was that whenever I used to go to a new place or my native village, strangers would often stare at me and talk about my height behind my back. But my family always supported me and that helped me in keeping myself motivated. This was after I heard about C.N Janaki, a woman who was afflicted with polio since the age of two. She swam across the English Channel in 1992 and her victory motivated me a lot. That was where this spirit and love for sports arose in me. I thought if she can do something like this without having any mobility in her legs, why can’t I try? I took that spirit and built my sports career on it,” he says.

In 2005, Venkatesh became the first Indian athlete to represent India at the fourth World Dwarf Games and had won six medals – two gold, one silver and three bronze medals athletics and badminton events (singles and doubles).

Recently, the Limca Book of Records honored Venkatesh with the People of the Year award for his achievements.

“The experience of playing at the World Dwarf Games was really unique. So many people from other countries come in and we have a really good time. India is slowly gaining awareness about these games and the sportspersons are being recognized. We had to arrange for funds ourselves to participate in the games because the government didn’t sponsor us that time. So we also had to worry about finding sponsors and that was one of the major troubles for us. People from other countries did not have to worry about those things,” he says.

Now he is not participating in sports but working as the secretary of the Karnataka Badminton Association for the Disabled that conducts national badminton tournaments every year.

“My family has always supported me. Nobody in my family has reached such heights in sports, and they are very happy about my achievements. They keep searching on Google and show me the different places where my photos come up,” he says.

“Seeing other people who are living with more severe disabilities but are moving forward in life, I always think that when they can achieve so much, we can too. That is what I tell people. We should not be restricted by our disabilities but move ahead, contributing to the country’s success as well,” he concludes.

When we really go through the real life situation of struggling personalities, we will realize how gifted we are and it is really an inspiring achievement of a dwarf man !!