Man Meets New Partner on Facebook, but She Turns Out to be His Wife!


Man Meets New Partner on Facebook, but She Turns Out to be His Wife!


In Bareilly, a very strange, unlikely, but extremely amusing situation came up recently. A couple who had been split apart by differences and fundamental problems which they could not solve, resorted to looking for new partners for themselves on Facebook in order to start over and find a stable relationship. But as fate would have it, even though they used different names for themselves and had different online identities, they were drawn to each other and ended up finding each other again, this time through social media. The difference between real life and dramatic Bollywood films is that this couple didn’t fall in love again, but broke into their biggest fight ever.

According to The Times Of India, the husband and wife were looking for ‘someone better’ on Facebook, after changing their identities on the social networking website. The two met ‘suitable prospective partners’ at the same time, and decided to give it a shot. The two fixed a meeting time and chose a good restaurant at the Aub Khan crossing, but when the time finally arrived to meet, they were horrified to see that fate had brought them together again!

Quite obviously, they couldn’t stand the situation and started quarrelling all over again, much to the amusement of the other guests at the restaurant, as well as the restaurant staff. The argument, though, got out of hand, and escalated to the point when the police had to get involved and intervene. But the funniest part of the entire situation is that there is no section or law by which the couple could be arrested for their actions!

Talking to TOI, circle officer at the Kotwali thana Mukul Dwivedi said, “It was a purely a personal matter and no police complaint was filed. So there is very little to say about the incident. Yes, the matter is once again with the Family Counselling Center.”

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