Mastizaade Review – No Story, Just Steamy Hot Scenes


Mastizaade Review – No Story, Just Steamy Hot Scenes

It’s been just a week of a torturous brainless sleazy release KKHH3 and now the viewers are subjected to some more cheap thrills with Mastizaade. Mastizade has been directed by Milap Jhaveri with casts as Tushaar Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Shaad Randhawa, Vir Das and Asrani. [ Read: Airlift! The Story of 170,000 Refugees, 488 Flights, 59 Days 1 Man ]

Mastizaade Review - No Story, Just Steamy Hot Scenes

Two Sex Addicts Sunny Kele (Tushaar Kapoor) and Aditya Chotiya (Vir Das) fall hopelessly in love with Twin sisters Lily and Layla (Leone). The love story that begins in suburban Mumbai heads to Pattaya where we encounter some more irritating and caricature characters.

The director has no story to back up and relies totally on the leading lady’s generous assets. The cameraman also takes full advantage of zooming and capturing every inch and noticeable female anatomy on display. The Music by Meet Brothers can create a confirmed painful perforation to your sensitive ear drums.

Tushaar Kapoor is definitely getting an honorary degree by specializing in these adult Sex comedies, his act is amateurish and disgusting. Sunny Leone adds generous sexual content with minimal clothing and maximum skin show. Surprisingly in a terrible plot like this Vir Das and Shaad Randhawa deliver a good performance. Veteran Asrani reprises his Jailor role from Sholay, this time with a touch of sleaze.

Ritesh Deshmukh also appears in a forgettable cameo as a Sex Guru. Sushmita Mukherji puts all screen mothers to shame playing Leone’s Nymphomaniac Mom. Starlet Gizelle Thakral’s “well endowed” histrionics are targeted at the lecherous front rows. A talent like Suresh Menon is wasted playing a stereotypical gay character who lusts after the hero.

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Jhaveri has hit the lowest possible denominator to please the Sex hungry crowd. Even a Horse is not spared, several sequences make you wonder what were the director or the cast thinking whilst filming the same.

This Sex Comedy can be best avoided like the Flu.