McDonald’s Accused of Not Delivering to Muslim Areas!


McDonald’s Accused of Not Delivering to Muslim Areas!

It is a delicate and volatile time for India – communal sparks are flying here and there, and many people are letting religion get in the way of our national spirit, thus tearing the country apart on the basis of religion. In such times, it is needed for the citizens of India to stand united and fight these meaningless differences with togetherness and unity, instead of making it worse and falling prey to this religious sensationalism. Yet, stories are in the news everyday about new incidents that take place that encourage this ongoing enmity between people of the same country. In recent news, McDonald’s, the worldwide fast food chain, has reportedly chosen not to deliver food to areas inhabited mainly by Muslims.

An Indian McDonald’s outlet.

Tariq Khan, a resident of Ghaffar Manzil in Okhla, filed a complaint with the Delhi Minorities Commission on January 4. In the complaint, Khan said he ordered food from the New Friends Colony McDonald’s outlet for his family and guests. After waiting for an hour, he called again. “The executive told me they cannot deliver food in our area as it is on their ‘negative’ list. We feel the reason behind this is the area is mostly occupied by the minority population,” Khan reportedly said. Khan asked the commission to intervene, and the commission responded by issuing a notice to the outlet and the company asking them why they did not deliver, to which they have not replied, according to the commission.

In New Delhi, Ghaffar Manzil, along with other areas in Okhla like Batla House, Okhla Vihar, Zakir Nagar, Zakir Bagh, Jamia Nagar, Abul Fazal Enclave and Shaheen Bagh, together account for a population of around 2 lakh, of which 70 per cent is Muslim.

“We have not received any communication from the Minorities Commission so far, and we do not discriminate between our customers at all. We are not able to deliver to a lot of areas in Okhla (and its vicinity) because they exceed our delivery area parameters which were realigned in 2009-10: and because of which a lot of areas that we were earlier delivering to are now not being covered. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to a lot of areas in Delhi as the optimum and required  standards cannot be met while delivering,” Official Spokesperson, McDonald’s India (North & East) said.

Let’s hope that what the spokesperson has to say is true, and that there is no such discrimination going on in this case. McDonald’s is a world-renowned food chain, and whatever steps it chooses to take will be impactful and influential. They should, thus, exercise caution in whatever steps they take.

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