Meat Without Animal Butchery will be Soon Available: Indian-American Scientist and His Team has Done a Great Job.


Meat Without Animal Butchery will be Soon Available: Indian-American Scientist and His Team has Done a Great Job.

Can we get meat without killing animals? Yes. Meat without killing animals will be available in the market soon. This initiative is taken by Memphis Meats Inc., a San Francisco-based company founded by three scientists. As a result of this venture meat can be produced from stem cells of animals. One need not want to kill them. Uma S Valeti, an Indian-American cardiologist, is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Memphis Meats. They are trying their level best to bring meat production into the lab; so that people will be able to eat meat without actually killing animals.

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Meat without animal butchery will be soon available Indian-American Scientist & His Team has done a great job!!
Uma Valeti (pictured left)

According  to Uma Valeti, the #meat is sustainable, healthier, safer, and cruelty free. It does not lead to any side effects like bacterial contamination or high saturated fat. Additionally, the technique produces 90 percent less greenhouse emissions and does not require antibiotics as used in traditional meat production.

For the production of the meat renewing cells from animals are required. When provided with oxygen and nutrients like sugar, minerals, etc. these cells develop inside bioreactor tanks that turn into skeletal muscle and can be harvested in nine to 21 days. At present the experiment is conducted on beef, chicken and pork cells, and have already conducted test runs on beef #meat.

Meatball is the maiden product of this US based company.

“Our goal is to be in restaurants in three years and retail in five years. In 2021, we want to be in retail or even earlier,” Uma Valeti told PTI.

The first manufacturing base will be set up at first in the US and later in India and China.

The team behind this innovative idea includes Cardiologist Uma Valeti is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota and president of the Twin Cities American Heart Association. Nicholas Genovese, a stem cell biologist, and Will Clem, a bio-medical engineer who owns a chain of barbeque restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Currently, the process is going ahead with the help of fetal bovine serum that is drawn from the blood of unborn calves.

Memphis #Meats is trying to replace the serum with a plant-based alternative then all the animals will be saved from killing for their #meat.

“Our concept is simple. Instead of farming animals to obtain their meat, why not farm the meat directly? To that end, we’re combining decades of experience in both the culinary and scientific fields to farm real #meat cells—without the animals—in a process that is healthier, safer, and more sustainable than conventional animal agriculture,” says their website.

Lets hope that soon the meat produced from plant serum will be marketed soon and there by stops the killing of animals. Kudos to the Memphis Meats team!!