Medicine Baba in Delhi Collects Medicines to Help Poor


Medicine Baba in Delhi Collects Medicines to Help Poor

The Capital of our country Delhi is having a Medicine Baba. Medicine Baba truly deserves this title as he is engaged in the circulation of medicines to the charitable hospitals. His appearance is also similar to a Baba as he always wears a bright saffron pyjama-kurta with bold printing on the front (in Hindi) and back (in English) announcing his identification as Medicine Baba and he is a living mobile medicine store helping the poor people for about seven years. This Medicine Baba is none other than Omkar Nath Sharma, a 76 year old resident of Manglapuri, New Delhi.

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He starts his work at 6 am everyday collecting the unused medicines from each house and then supplying those medicines to the charitable hospitals and Clinic. His intention is that through his service the economically backward people should be benefited.

Under-construction Delhi Metro Bridge collapse in 2008 resulted in the death of two people and injured many people too. Sharma witnessed this collapse and the pathetic conditions of injured, as they are being deprived of proper treatment due to their poor economic status. This incident made him a “Medicine Baba”.

Sharma’s family comprises of his wife and a 44-year-old mentally challenged son. They are living in rented house. Still he is serving the poor people. Medicine Baba is really strange.

Even though his legs are not well he used to walk about 6 kms every day with full dedication. Sometimes he used to travel by bus using his senior citizen pass. Most days walking is his means of transportation.

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Mr. Sharma carefully categories the medicine by its name, expiry date and the home or place from which it was collected. Then he will distribute it to the hospitals. Even though it is an unpaid work he is doing it with utmost perfection.


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So beyond doubt we can entitle Sharma as the real Medicine Baba! So our appreciation can’t be limited in a word since Medicine Baba is himself struggling as much as those that he is trying to help. Baba you are great!!