Meera : (2017) Hindi Short Film


Meera : (2017) Hindi Short Film

The legendary Meera and her unconditional love towards Lord Krishna is invoked by a lady when her husband spills the beans about his affair with an office hottie. Directed by Sumit Kumar, Meera keeps you hooked as you expect some twist in the tale which alas, never comes.

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Meera 2017 Hindi Short Film-FantoosySo one evening, Gaurav (Amaan Asif, bland) confesses his office wala affair to his wifey Naina(Archita Agarwal, impressive and promising) who was out to seduce him. Naina surprises him by disclosing that she already knew about it and then invoking Meerabai, states that she still loves him unconditionally whether physically, he is with her or not. Gaurav wants separation and a divorce which is also politely agreed to by Naina. At this point, I had actually expected some kinda twist to the short like Naina bumping off Gaurav or prabably, all of this being some type of hubby-wifey role play.

No, Naina proceeds to help Gaurav pack his bags before he goes to live in with his new found love.

Meera holds your attention as you expect a lot more from it. Only the pheeka climax proves a mega dampener. Comparing Meera’s unconditional love for Shri Krishna with a homemaker coyly letting her man go to her souten is plain stupid. I’m sure even Meerabai wouldn’t have let her hubby get away so easily if she were to be reborn today.

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Ratings on some key aspects :
1. Acting: 2.5/5
2. Direction : 2/5
3. Music : 2.5/5
4. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue : 1.5/5
5. Cinematography : 3/5
6. Production Quality : 2.5/5
7. Action : NA

Story, Screenplay and Dialogue
Production Quality
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