The Missile Man’s First Missile Failure Taught Him A Life Changing Lesson


The Missile Man’s first Missile Failure Taught Him a Life Changing Lesson

The Missile Man of India

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The missile man of India left the country on 27th July 2015. It was a great loss to the nation.

Dr Kalam shared one of his experiences and I consider it as a life changing experience. The Missile man’s first failure taught him a life changing lesson:

According to him in 1973 when he was made the project director of India’s satellite launching vehicle program, commonly called SLV-3 his main goal was to put India’s “Rohini” satellite into the orbit by 1980.

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He was provided with funds and human resources and was told clearly that the satellite must be launched till 1980.

Thousands of people were working together in the scientific and technical field towards the goal.

By 1979 August, Dr Kalam thought that they were ready for the launch.

Four minutes before the launch, the computer program began to go through the checklist of things that needed to checked and one minute later it had put the launch on hold and the display showed some components were not in order.

rohini slv-3

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So he bypassed the computer and launched it manually and after two stages of the launch the whole rocket system plunged into Bay of Bengal, which was a huge failure.

That day the chairman of ISRO, Prof. Satish Dhawan, had called a press conference where journalists from around the globe were present.

Prof. Dhawan took responsibility for the failure and said that the team had worked very hard on the project and it just lacked some technological. He also assured the media that they would surely succeed in the next try.

Dr Kalam being the project director was the one responsible for this failure but still Prof Dhawan took all the blame on himself. Next year in July 1980 another effort was made to launch the satellite and this time it was successful.

This made the whole nation proud.

Another press conference was conducted and this time Prof Dhawan called Dr Kalam to take the press conference instead.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

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Dr Kalam had learnt a very important lesson that day which he could never have learnt from books. The leader took all the responsibility for the failure of the project and when success came he gave the credit to his team.

It was the best management lesson he had learnt from this experience.

What is your opinion about this experience of Dr Kalam ?