Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- Get Ready To Be Thrilled


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- Get Ready To Be Thrilled

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If you’re a Mission Impossible fan then get ready to be thrilled!

This is going to be the best part of the series that you have seen.

We all know the man who should be given credits for this great movie and one of his greatest performances- Tom Cruise aka Ethan Hunt.

Cruise is 53 years old now but still he has managed to surprise his fans the way he has played the role of Hunt.

His role of the middle aged Secret Agent now turned rogue is just great and not to forget his stunts that he has performed in this film.

The talent of the 53 old star can be seen in the starting with the scene in the start where he clings to the wings of a cargo plane trying to enter it and to attain some chemical warheads.

plane stunt
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This particular scene took 8 takes and the fact that you would be surprised to know is that no CGI has been used and no stunt double was hired was hired for this scene as Cruise has done scene on his own.

But this was not enough for this death defying thrill loving actor as from the high skies he then enter deep water without oxygen for a scene.

rogue nation
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In this part Hunt seeks to reveal the true identity of the Syndicate who has planned to assassinate a head of state and knowing this Cruise is now on the mission to stop it.

Meanwhile, IMF the organization Cruise (Hunt) works for is dissolved so now Hunt has two enemies- C.I.A and the Syndicate.

Syndicate tries to kill Hunt but he is saved by Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) who works for MI6 and is another rogue agent.

To save IMF Cruise (Hunt) gathers his old team Benji (Simon Pegg), William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) who led IMF forces and the new hot and sizzling addition to the team Isla (Ferguson).

The Syndicate is led by Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) a villain whose character will give you the chills just in the few seconds of his entry and while his interaction with Isla.

Once again the team of Director and co-writer Christopher McQuarrie with Cruise has proved to be really good as they have also worked together in The Usual Suspects, The Edge of Tomorrow and Jack Reacher.

Image Source: fb.com/MissionImpossibleAU

Overall the movie has a lot of humour, great action packed scenes, nail biting scenes, a little bit of romance with the beautiful rogue agent Isla and supported by a good story.

This movie is a must watch and is a movie which is best to experience at the theatres.

At the end I’d just like to say that this movie is going to be worth every penny of yours!

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