MLA from Bihar Helps Husband Flee from Police Station


MLA from Bihar Helps Husband Flee from Police Station

Just when you began to realistically hope that the country might be heading for a corruption-free future, disgraceful events from the same place that was known for its corruption prove you wrong, yet again. Politics in India have been laced with corruption for decades, but this recent event shames Indian politics yet again, and how! An MLA from Bihar helped her husband flee from Police custody, even though he was guilty of drunken misconduct – that’s how!

MLA from Bihar
A photo of Bima Bharti giving an interview.

Bima Bharti, an MLA from Bihar’s ruling JD(U), who is also a former minister, helped her husband Awadhesh Mandal escape from Police custody with the help of JD(U) Purnia MP Santosh Kushwaha. This is not the first time that Mandal has been reprimanded for such reasons : he has around 100 criminal cases lodged against him – quite a record, for the husband of an MLA, isn’t it?

The reason for Mandal’s arrest, too, is a disgraceful one. He was arrested for allegedly threatening the widow and two children of Chanchal Paswan over deposing against him in court. In 2005, Mandal was accused of murdering Chanchal Paswan. According to sources, Kushwaha was speaking to the police while Bharti remained in her SUV. Suddenly, Mandal was seen getting into the SUV as well, which sped off towards Harda, and Kushwaha left soon after. The district administration had sensed trouble and had sent reinforcements as well, but they were too late to stop him.

Such acts and practices disgrace our country, and send a bad message to the world about India. India was originally based on a strong value system, with integrity and honesty as major pillars of our constitution. These acts show the opposite, and make our country seem like one which has no hope, with the shadow of corruption cast over us.

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