Mobile Phones Banned for Unmarried Women in Gujarat Village


Mobile Phones Banned for Unmarried Women in Gujarat Village

Mobile phones are quite common now a days. All are eager to buy new models coming to the markets daily. Mobile phones has reduced the distance between people. It is most useful in emergency situations. We are able to pass our messages to our dear ones within in no time. Actually mobile phones have proven to be one of the most essential component in our daily life. Without these mobiles we are now in a stage that we cant survive. If we are not supposed to touch it ? What will be our situation?

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Mobile Phones Banned for Unmarried Women in Gujarat Village
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Mobile phone users will be some what embarrassed hearing the decision of people living in Mehsana district from Gujarat!! Unmarried women in this district should not use mobile phones. Strict banning of mobile is a precaution against the problems related with the usage of mobile phones. Actually they want to make the future of girls safe by protecting them from the issues related to mobiles. The ban has been implemented from February 12 2016. This ban is to reduce the misuse of phones being used for chatting and messaging their boy friends. It will prevent privacy leaking and make them to interact more closely towards their family members. It strengthens the bonding between dear ones. Because now a days girls are considering mobile phones as their close companions.

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Actually the surprising factor is that an alcohol de-addiction move directed towards the men of the village in Bangladesh was the driving force behind this ban. As men and women are equal before law, if one suffers other might too know. As a revenge men decided to impose something on women. Villagers then suggested that unmarried women should be banned from using mobile phones as that will only create troubles for them.

This will surely put the girls in dilemmas. If the call is from their relatives how can they withstand without talking to them. May be this Gujarat district will impart a spark on other districts too. So what can a women do to escape from this situation just to get married and settle down in life. Marriage will be the solution to escape from this ban. If they get married they can use mobile phones and their life will also be secured.

If they violate the ban they have to pay a fine of 2100 rupees. This venture had turn out to be a earning for young kids in the sense that they will be keen observers on this matter will receive.

Statistics show that the ban has worked and incidents of nuisance due to unmarried women using mobile phones have come down to 800%. So this will surely affect the girls who are using it for genuine purposes.

Every coin has two sides, like that mobile phones has advantages and disadvantages. This banning will turn out be a blessing to those who are misusing it but the genuine users surely suffer out of this. What is your opinion, share with us.