Mobile Phones History : From Luxury to Necessity


Mobile Phones History : Luxury to NecessityMobile Phones History : From Luxury to Necessity

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, I’m more than sure he had no idea what it would eventually become. In today’s day and age, it is hard to imagine life without mobile phones. They are used for multiple functions, and our level of dependency on them makes one wonder if the smartphone is truly smarter than the one who is using it. We’ll take you through the evolution of the all-important gadget, from its advent nearly three decades ago to the cellphones of today, which have become an integral part of our existence. Let’s have a look at the the mobile phones history and other gadgets.

Initial Days – Mobile Phones History

The first cellphones were invented in the 70s, but were only available commercially in 1984, with the release of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x or ‘The Brick’, and its subsequent versions that fascinated the world with the possibility of carrying around your phone in your jacket pocket. Although the thought seems primitive in today’s world, these phones were really phones and nothing else – they were meant for talking.

Mobile Phones History : Luxury to Necessity

Although these phones had many drawbacks, such as the DynaTAC’s 30 minute battery life, they paved the way for technological advancement and ingenuity that brought forth the ideas that created the gadgets that we use and love today.

The Stage of Development and Experimentation – Mobile Phones History

During the 90s, as the demand for cellphones went up, a new technological market came into being, and companies began competing to see who could make the ideal product. Small, but steady developments took place, for example, flip phones came into being, followed by phones like The Synergy by Philips, which was the first to make e-mail accessible from your cellphone, wirelessly.

Mobile Phones History : Luxury to Necessity

Phones began having games such as Snake (Nokia), and had other useful functions like an alarm clock, calendar, reminders etc. Changeable covers of different colours, too, were an attraction amongst phones like the Nokia 3310.

Mobile Phones History : Luxury to Necessity

The 2000s saw more and more changes, with more features being introduced into smaller and lighter phones, such as colour screens, QWERTY keypads, access to FM radio, more interactive games, cellphone cameras with video capabilities and more. Commercially, the competition worldwide between manufacturers increased, with more and more companies coming up and introducing their own products. The most iconic of these were the first Blackberry, released in 2003, and the first iPhone by Apple, introduced in 2007, before they collaborated with Motorola to make the MotoRokr. Phones began to be modeled around tablet computers, and aimed to provide more and more facilities to the user.

Today’s Cellphones – Mobile Phones History

Mobile Phones History : Luxury to Necessity

In today’s world, it is tough to function without a cellphone. Mobile phones are used by people from the moment their day begins. They help us wake up, plan our day, and go through various necessary tasks at home, at work and during our leisure time. There’s an app for practically everything we need – watching movies, figuring out where and what to eat, do online banking, providing medical reference material, information about the stock market, navigation, and even monitoring our health. Your phone can even double as a universal remote control for every single digital electronic appliance in your home! Now, isn’t that handy? These were distant dreams a few years ago, and now all these possibilities are just a swipe away!

Mobile Phones History : Luxury to Necessity

Recently, the size and utility factor has been pushed to the point that Android watches and the new Apple Watch, which can be paired with your phone, giving you access to its functions on your watch, are really catching on amongst the tech-savvy youth. Just the idea of using it makes you imagine yourself as James Bond! We can only ask ourselves and these manufacturers one question – what next?

What other gadgets do you think it would be impossible to live without in today’s tech-savvy world? Tell us in the comments section!