MOM [2017] : Indian Thriller Film


MOM [2017] : Indian Thriller Film

MOM : For a first time director this is quite a good fare and audience may lap up this revenge drama considering the popularity of its leading lady. MOM signifies the strength displayed by an ordinary woman in the most challenging and not so favourable circumstances faced by her family.

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MOM 2017 Indian Thriller Film-Fantoosy

Devaki [Sridevi] is a biology teacher who is trying to redeem her relationship with step daughter, unfortunately all her honest attempts are futile as her love is not reciprocated. An unexpected tragedy instigates the 50+ teacher to go to the extremes to protect her vulnerable family from the clutches of the evil.

Director Ravi Udywar is promising in his debut and directs well , the screenplay and dialogues are noteworthy but editing and cinematography fail to impress, the director has convincingly borrowed ideas from 80s rape and revenge dramas and presented them in a more elite form. This is a classic case of old tasteless wine in a super classy bottle. Even if you borrow inspiration you need to be good at the art and Udyawar excels in that.

The background score by A R Rahman is outstanding. Picture this – in one of the most crucial sequence the rape scene is shot focussing on the moving vehicle with side shots and an Ariel view, neither the victim nor the rapists are shown and none of the mandatory graphic physical struggle filmed, its Rahman’s terrific soul stirring background score during this scene that hits you harder than any graphic violence. That’s the brilliance of the wizard called A R Rahman.

Performance wise it’s a Sridevi show all over, at 54 she’s carrying a film on her able shoulders and delivering a performance of a lifetime, she acts and even sounds like Kamal Hassan in some scenes if we consider the style of dialogue delivery. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a detective is in fine form adding the much needed humour quotient and Akshaye Khanna is passable as the Police Officer. Sajal Ali is fantastic as the victim and Adnan Siddiqui is excellent as the father performing with a realistic acting approach. Abhimanyu Singh as the antagonist has shades of the ferocious character played by Ashutosh Rana in Dushman [1998].

Only drawback is when you are making a movie highlighting women empowerment and having the central character played by a woman was it necessary to have a man trying to protect her from the villain in the gripping climax? High time Bollywood learns to deviate from these customary norms prevailing for several years.

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Barring very few loopholes MOM turns out to be an emotional yet gripping Thriller which may suffer from being bracketed into the rape & revenge genre but the director and the leading lady definitely try their best to raise the bar high with this sincere effort.

Directed by : Ravi Udyawar