Money? – I Do Not Need it for Survival! The Man Who Lives Without Money


Money? – I Do Not Need it for Survival!  The Man Who Lives Without Money

Can anyone ever imagine a single day without “Money”? Well we all need money at some point of the day to have our food or even to buy things- but this man doesn’t! For everyone- the world is just with money! But this is not true, and at least this man from Ireland believes to see the world in a new way! Meet Mark Boyle from Ireland- a man who just lives without money! This Moneyless Man was born in the year of 1979 in the lush green lands of Ireland. Well, you may believe this or not, but this man is Moneyless since the mark of 2008! From the year of 2008, he has not been involved in a single transaction- neither he did spend any and nor did he learn any!

Money I do not need it for Survival!1
Mark Boyle Enduring Nature

Well, this is something we all Indians must be proud of as when he was asked who did inspire him in the world of green- he just took one name up – Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi! This should make everyone of us proud of as the inspirational message of leaving lucrative and enjoying the welfare of the globe gets awe from everyone who is reading.  Mark Boyle had completed his studies of economics and business before lodging on to two organic companies for the entire span of over than seven years. All this started up in the year of 2008 when he first saw a short documentary on Mahatma Gandhi.

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Money I do not need it for Survival!2
Mark Boyle

With earlier inspirations in mind, Mark had a trek from the city of Bristol to Porbandar to learn the ethics of Gandhiji. He was also highly fascinated by the inspirational quotes of Gandhi saying. Be the change you want to see in the society”. It was in the year of 2008 when Mark decided to go entirely moneyless.

Money I do not need it for Survival!3
Mark Boyle

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One would certainly think that it is tough for one to live completely moneyless- but Mark did prove it wrong altogether. On the very first day of his new life, he decided to feed 150 people to mark the beginning. He just arranged a caravan for shelter and a cycle to roam around the free yard in which he lives. He collects organic fruits and water to get his life completely moneyless. He entirely feels that nature has played a huge role in the evolution of humanity and most of us are not attached to it. In the year of 2010, he first came up with publishing the introductory book on the path to success and then titled it as The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living. He is also an inspirational writer of the English daily The Guardian, spreading his love of nature.

Can a person really stay without MONEY? Well! If you find it exceptional do share your views and ideas through comments. 🙂