Muhammad Ali: 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him


Muhammad Ali: 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him

Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali was the greatest Boxer ever to be gifted a Glove. It was once a time in the ring of boxing when the sport became utterly dull and boring without the presence of him. In his entire career, Ali had acquired enormous fame with his talent and skills of Boxing in the ring. However, the sudden news of his death a few days back was indeed shocking for most of his Boxing Fans. He was indeed crowned as “The Greatest” of all time for most of the lovers of the sport. However, if you are not acquainted in knowing about this man, here are 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him.

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Muhammad Ali 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him1
  1. He never turns down any Autograph Request

The gossip was heard as a young boy Cassius Clay had asked for an autograph from his favorite Boxer, and he was ultimately turned down in the priority of time! This had hurt him and thus from his day of becoming famous, he never did turn down any Autograph request.

Muhammad Ali 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him2
Muhammad Ali_ Childhood pic
  1. He used to Race with the Bus

Unlike other students of the school, Ali would have never loved to travel in the School Bus. In fact, he was seen to race with the bus every day, and it gave him the confidence to boost skills on agility and strength.

  1. A Stolen Bicycle

On his 12th Birthday, Cassius Clay was gifted with a beautiful bicycle which he used to travel with every day. However, his bike was stolen after a few days and thus came out his aggression. He was spotted in the police station to complain about his stolen bike and met with Joe Martin, who introduced the kid to the world of Boxing.

  1. He only wore Elvis’ robe once

After winning the crown of a champion, Elvis Presley gifted him with a robe which was engraved with “The People’s Champion” at the back. However in his very next match, Ali came up with a shocking defeat which made him loosen the robe thinking that it gave him bad luck.

Muhammad Ali 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him3
Elvis Presley with Muhammad Ali
  1. He threw away his gold medal

Gossips came up when Ali had been to a restaurant for once after being the World Champion. However, he was refused to be served when the waiter claimed that Ali belonged to a different race. He then went out to throw the Gold medal because he did not wish to stay in a country where the racial division is prioritized.

 Muhammad Ali 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him4

  1. The Tournament of Roses Parade

In the year of 1998, Ali was sighted to take part in the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. In this event, he was highly spotted to float on The Tournament of Roses Parade. This was a highly prestigious occasion for him to take part.

  1. He records a record album and a single

Only a few people came to know about his other skills of singing. However young Ali had vast interests in music too, and he took his name with recording an Album as well as a single song with it.

  1. Knocked out by Kent Green

In over than a ton of fights which took place at the Bar, Al was hit only once and any guesses who was it? It was Mr. Kent Green who had knocked him over in the only fight he had lost!

  1. Ali Inspired in Rocky

In the year of 1995, Ali came up fighting with an underrated Boxer Chuck Werner, which took him the longest to win the match. It took almost 15 rounds to get Chuck Werner out of the ring and win the match and thus inspiring Sylvester Stallone to script Rocky.

 Muhammad Ali 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him5

  1. He has some shows business resume

Ali had also portrayed himself in almost 4 Motion pictures which came to become a hit. Apart from that, he had also presented himself in different personalities of Television Shows.

Muhammad Ali 10 Facts you didn’t know about Him6

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