Mumbai Couples Offering Food at Free of Charge to the Deprived: Heart Breaking Cause


Mumbai Couples Offering Food at Free of Charge to the Deprived: Heart Breaking Cause

Mumbai couples are offering free food to the needy ones. What made these Mumbai couples to serve the poor? When you read their exact story tears will burst out from your eyes. The names of the Mumbai couples are Mr. Pradeep Tanna and Mrs. Damyanti Tanna.

Their son was Nimesh Tanna, a 22-year-old photographer. They lost their son in an unexpected accident. He died on August 2011 by falling from a fast moving train on his way to Mumbai for attending a meeting.

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“We were best friends since childhood. We went to the same school and attended the same college. We even worked together in the same company before he decided to pursue his passion for photography. We had decided to go for a movie that night but I didn’t know Nimesh would never return,” says Kintan Parekh, Nimesh’s friend, with a heavy heart.

The Mumbai couples were totally disheartened as they lost their only son. Followed by their son’s demise, misfortune attacked them again as they lost their sweet shop in Mulund as their partner cheated them.

As the result of helping hand and motivation offered by Kintan, Nimesh’s Best friend, the couples were able to start a new sweet shop in Mulund. Their economical status improved so they decided to help the poor in their Son’s name.

It reflected as Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust (SNTCT) on January 26, 2013 providing free tiffin service prepared in their own kitchen for about 30 people with the help of dabbawalas of Mumbai who do the delivery every day.

In addition to this SNTCT provides a food kit including ingredients like food grains, oil, sugar, flour, etc., for the tribal community and their own ‘Kids Bank’ supplies clothes, toys, books, cycles, etc., to needy children, and also medicines to the aged.

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Inspired by the service of this Mumbai couples kindhearted personalities are donating money to the trust.


So Nimesh is still living in his world through this trust. Those who wish to offer help to the needy ones can check out their site. The mental satisfaction that these Mumbai couples’ receiving is limitless.