Mumbai Police are Asking You to Say No To Drugs!


Mumbai Police are Asking You to Say No To Drugs!

Today’s age is an age of corruption and vices. Although there are good people in this world who want to bring the world back to a time of peace and harmony, these vices continue to plague our society and poison the current generation. One of these vices is drug abuse. With advances in science and technology, mass producing addictive drugs and ‘party drugs’ has become much easier than it was a few decades ago. Thus, it has invaded many cultures worldwide, and many of these drugs, which have harmful physical and mental side effects, have harmed lives and ruined families on many an occasion. On this note, Mumbai Police aim to fight the use of drugs in the city, which is reportedly rather high. They have launched an online campaign on Twitter, called #HoshMeinAao, which aims at the current generation, telling them that drugs are not cool, and asking them to Say No To Drugs, and that using these can get them into a great deal of trouble. Check them out:

This one’s for all those who are doing the research drug MCAT or ‘meow-meow’:say no to drugs

For all those weed-smokin’, joint-tokin’ playas out there, you have been warned:say no to drugs Methamphetamine has been plaguing societies around the world for decades, and the Mumbai Police think it’s time this nonsense stops in our country:say no to drugs Hashish may be considered a heavenly substance to consume, by many in this world, but the Mumbai Police definitely disagree:say no to drugs Heroin is known to be a drug that will lead you to your imminent death, but here’s what the cops want you to do instead. Use your judgement now:say no to drugs

These posts by the Mumbai Police are a cool way to connect with the current generation and explain to them in a manner that they can relate with. If drug usage is not curbed, it will only continue to grow, and ruin our societies and the entire world as a community. Say No To Drugs!

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