The Mummy (2017) : Movie Review


The Mummy (2017) : Movie Review

The Mummy : A reboot to the well known monster franchise with Tom Cruise in the lead, ‘The Mummy’ fails to scare or thrill in the manner it should. That’s ‘cos the egyptian evil spirit has been milked dry to such an extent (particularly the Brendan Fraser series) that each and every scene in this one evokes a sense of deja vu. You know just when the mummy will spring to life and catch the neck of its victim…Boo? No, this one’s more boo hoo!

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The Mummy 2017 Movie Review-FantoosyTom Cruise, young even at 54 years of age, lends his own charisma to the enterprise but sadly, is let down by the weak plot which is not only incoherent at times but also downright predictable and boring.

Cruise plays a mercenary who inadvertently discovers the titular character’s tomb and revives the chick in the box (Sofia Boutella, under-utilised) to unleash mayhem all over. A know-it-all archeologist (Annabelle Wallis, bland) doubles up as his aide plus love interest. The ever dependable Russell Crowe is wasted as Dr. Jekyll (and ofcourse, his alter ego Mr. Hyde) and this character is so ill written that it makes little sense.

The narrative, though fast paced, lacks the punch and the gravitas to outlive it’s 100 minutes of run time. Shockingly, even the technical aspects are strictly okey dokey. The 3D effects are next to nothing.

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Even if you are a Tom Cruise fan, I suggest you don’t mummify your weekend with this tripe!

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