This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!


This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!

Looks can always be deceiving, and this is one of the most daring truths one can hear! One of these universal truths is this 18-year-old Barbie, who has just built herself strong enough. People say that Beauty with Brain can be a danger- but if you are just messing around with beauty and Power- you are just about to get deadlifted!

This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!1
Julia Vins

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Well, Julia Vins– an 20-year-old lady has an incredibly beautiful face, but soon your attention comes down from her neck- you will be shocked to see the body of a real bodybuilder. So if you see Julia Vins in front of you, then you are just about to admire her as the Muscular Hulk Barbie!

This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!2
Julia – now and in her childhood

Julia Vins is a perfect body builder and she can almost dead lift a male Lion or about 180 Kgs. Coming up from the country of Russia, she has a huge fan following and claims to grow her muscular physique as big as possible. Well, people often say that muscular growth should only be for males and Vins has just got a perfect reply for them with “But to be honest, I’ve noticed that the guys who are negative about my athleticism – are just jealous.” From her childhood, the cute Russian woman was praised for her lovely looks, but she loves to get admired because of her muscular physique too!

This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!3

For Vins it took almost three years of hard training to complete building her body from the age of 15. According to her statements, she did not have any interests in the field of Sports. But Vins had always felt the interests in hard training and then get the best out of it when you need it.

This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!5
Julia working out with her boyfriend

After a year of training, she met a personal coach to train her roughly around 3-5 hours per week training and weight lifting. This was indeed a power draining consulted with an energy diet to give her a boost in the muscular strength. The year of 2014 came up to be the best for her as she was crowned at the World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow.

Vins does not prefer her family to plug in the nose in her career but takes a lot of support from her boyfriend who is also a bodybuilder. Well, it is just hard to say that she is a sweet innocent girl- she is strong both physically as well as manually which makes her presence much better.

This Muscle Barbie can lift 180 KG!6

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Vins claims that she wasn’t sure of becoming something in life before achieving the success of Muscular Barbie! Besides this rigorous training, she also changed her diet and stuck to 5-6 meals a day consisting of eggs, chicken, rice, cheese, and veggies.

For those who are dying to know what her figure is like, read below for her statistics:
Height: 5ft 3in
Thigh: 26in
Biceps: 15in
Chest: 39in
Pelvis: 40in
Waist: 26in
Weight: 10st 21lb

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