Muslim Men Taking Efforts to release Hindu Prisoners


Muslim Men are Taking Efforts to release Hindu Prisoners: Highlighting the Concept All Indians are my Brothers.

Muslim men are taking initiatives to release Hindu Prisoners. Is it surprising to read!! Muslim men collected Rs 50,000 from their fellow beings for releasing 15 Hindu prisoners from a jail in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Muslim men are helping Hindus there by promoting universal brotherhood. The positive spirit shown by them will help to erase the caste creed discrimination. The 15 Hindu men had been locked up for petty crimes like ticketless travel, according a media portal.

Muslim Men Taking Efforts to release Hindu Prisoners
Photo Credits: PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images

As they were financially poor they are not in a condition to raise money for their release and the Muslim men is taking initiatives to rescue them from the doors of imprisonment.

Superintendent of the Bareilly district jail, BR Maurya said, “The 15 inmates were charged with petty crimes. Some were arrested on apprehension of breach of peace. They were serving out sentences ranging from six months to 10 years. The majority of them had served out the full sentence, but could not pay the fine imposed on them by court.”

As a result of the effort taken by Muslim men Hindus were released from jail and they were infact given a cordial welcome by the Muslims. They have expressed their gratitude in the form of tears which proved to be valuable than any precious gift. Actually the kind hearted Muslim men did not expect anything in return. All the 15 Hindu prisoners shared about the bitter experiences they had in jail, to the Muslim friends.

Deeply moved by their story the Muslim men continued offering their helping hand by making arrangements for the travel of Nanda Kishore, one of the prisoner, back to his native village and they also gave money for his daily expenditure. The similar assistance were provided to Ajay Kumar, Kishan Sagar, Pappu and Tilak. Muslim brothers will always remain in the heart of Hindu prisoners.

Yasin, who led the group for collecting funds for the release of the men, said in a report to media portal, “When we learnt of their plight from jail authorities, we decided that we should do what we could. We are never guided by the feeling that our efforts should be directed only towards members of our own community. We believe that if we help in releasing a man from captivity, Allah will bless us. Moreover, what better occasion than a time when there is all this talk about who should live in this country and who should leave.”
Haji Mohd Anees, a businessman, who too had contributed to the release of the men, said, “This is our land too, Hindus are our brothers. We were born here, we will be buried here and mix with the soil here.”

For the development of our mother land these kind of inspiring stories should reach the public for avoiding caste related fights and attacks to a certain extent and the concept All Indians are my brothers will evoke one’s spirit. There is one caste in the world comprising both men and women. Lets hope that this story will eliminate the caste creed discrimination!!!