Naam Shabana (2017) : Movie Review


Naam Shabana (2017) : Movie Review

Naam Shabana review :

The popularity and box office status of ‘Baby’ (2015) was indicative of a sequel coming up. However, writer Neeraj Pandey takes the much appreciated character of Shabana Khan from his film and comes up with a spin -off prequel. [Read: Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya (2017) : Movie Review ]

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Naam Shabana is actually two films rolled in to one – the first half traces the back story of Shabana (Tapsee Pannu) who had a troubled childhood with an alcoholic father and after spending a few years in remand home for killing him, returns back to normal life. She finds a few moments of love till her boy friend is murdered right in front of her eyes. Facing police apathy, Shabana is at a complete loss till she receives a phone call from the ‘Agency’. [Read: Sairat (2016) [Musical Romantic Drama] : Movie Review


A deal is struck and Shabana gets her vengeance. Next, she’s inducted into the agency. Intermission time.

The second half is a completely different story detailing Shabana’s first undercover assignment to nab and kill an international arms dealer (Prithviraj). Ofcourse, the team of ‘Baby’ particularly Ajay (Akshay Kumar) and Shuklaji  (Anupam Kher) are there to support her. [Read: BLAIR WITCH (2016) : Movie Review ]

Neeraj Pandey’s screenplay is effective though at times, a bit slow paced. It would’ve been better if he had taken on the directorial reins himself instead of delegating it to Shivam Nair. Somewhere, Naam Shabana lacks the touch of a classic Neeraj Pandey and ends up falling short of ‘Baby’ in terms of thrills and chills.

On the positive, Tapsee Pannu is absolutely rocking in the titular role. She shines in the action as well as gets the emotional scenes spot on. Akshay Kumar leaves a mighty impression even in an extended cameo. His entry draws whistles from the audience. Manoj Bajpayee is perfect as the ‘Agency’ recruiter and team leader. Anupam Kher is earnest as always. I did miss his trademark dialogue though – Sabr Hai!! [Read: THE NEON DEMON (2016) : Movie Review ]

The production values are strictly okey dokey. Musically, the film is a letdown with even Mithunda’s ‘Zoobi Zoobi’ number from ‘Dance Dance’ (1986) poorly remixed. Worse, there are two item numbers without an item girl in it. Huh!!

Some consolation : the Austria and Malaysian locales are well shot. And the action sequences are expertly handled. [Read: THE SHALLOWS (2016) : Movie Review ]

Despite falling a tad short than ‘Baby’, Naam Shabana still packs a punch. Make it your date today.

Meanwhile enjoy watching the trailer of Naam Shabana