Neerja Movie Review: The Story of a Brave Air Hostess Neerja Bhanot


Neerja Movie Review: The Story of a Brave Air Hostess Neerja Bhanot

By now, the name ‘Neerja Bhanot’ is known to everyone. She is still alive within us and inspiring us to live for the nation. Posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime military award for bravery, the Ashok Chakra. Unfortunately I never heard much about her until got to hear about the recent movie on her life. When I read more about her in wikipedia, got to know about the sheer amount of courage and bravery exhibited by her which is exemplary and inspiration for all of us.

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Neerja Movie Review The Story of a Brave Air Hostess Neerja Bhanot

About 30 years back a Pan Am Flight 73, a Pan American World Airways

Boeing 747-121, was hijacked on September 5, 1986, while on the ground at Karachi, Pakistan, by four armed Palestinian men of the Abu Nidal Organization. Unfortunately she lost her life but her fearlessness lies in her strong voice and this one-minute recording will prove it. A glimpse of her last audio clip and her pics attached in this video!


Neerja is a chilling tale of grit and courage of a 23 year old who stands against all odds in her attempt to save the lives of passengers! It is equally also the story of her parents who were waiting for their daughter’s birthday but had to go through the tumultuous pain of not knowing what must have been happening with their daughter for 48 hours eventually only to receive her body! Sonam Kapoor has surprised everyone with her impeccable performance that progresses from being tender and sweet to fearful and dreaded to gaining courage and displaying emboldened spirit she has done it all here. Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tiku as parents are superlative and showcase some of the most anguishing moments ever seen. The actors who played the terrorists are brilliant in their portrayal and invoke seething fear in the minds of audience. All in all Ram Madhvani has come up with a winner, kudos to him for bringing into life the story of a forgotten hero, Neerja Bhanot!

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As Neerja‘s mother said, “Neerja was prettier than Sonam.”

That’s true she was much prettier, beautiful, gorgeous and brave too!


Neerja Bhanot what a brave-heart you were, salute to your courage honesty and loyalty towards duty. You inspired every single person in India and all over the world. 



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