No Dog? Well, No marriage then. Is The Girl Right?


No Dog? Well, No marriage then. Is The Girl Right?

Yesterday, twitter was Facebook users were pouring down wishes for a girl from Bangalore praising her decision of rejecting a guy. The reason for the abuzz was a tweet that shows a conversation between a girl and a guy. The girl rejected a guy for marriage because he didn’t like dogs and he wasn’t cool with her decision to bring her dog along with her after getting married to him. Yes, the world (well, most of it) appreciated the girl’s decision of rejecting the guy for marriage because he didn’t like dogs.

Read the post with tweet here: No Dog? Well, No #marriage then.

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The girl’s decision to end the marriage, do you think it’s a smart move? Many would think it is. But one Facebook user named Shefali Vaidya had a different opinion. Let’s see her opinion below.

“Yesterday, twitter was abuzz with a story of some woman from Bangalore ‘rejecting’ a marriage proposal because the man ‘refused to accept her dog’. The story was substantiated with the snapshots of a private chat between the man and the woman. Obviously, the snapshot was cropped in such a way, that it showed the woman in the best possible light.

Predictably, there were compliments galore for the woman, about ‘how brave and how emancipated’ she was to reject the guy. She was promptly hailed as some kind of a champion of feminism.

Now, I love dogs, and I could not have imagined living with someone who hates them, so I totally understand her decision. My question is, marriage is a personal matter between one man and one woman, why publicise a PRIVATE chat, that too after cropping it strategically, just to get some cheap publicity?

What is the situation was reversed? What if the MAN had rejected the proposal because the woman refused to accept HIS dog? Would HE have received the same accolades? Would HE have been hailed as a champion of male and animal rights?

Definitely NOT. In that case, he would have been roundly abused for being a ‘male chauvinistic pig’ and thrashed online for ‘making a personal chat public’.

I personally know of not just one, but several wives, who have told their dog-loving husbands in categorical terms that ‘either the dog stays or I do’, and their husbands have accepted their decisions. It is a matter of personal choice for them and I am no one to decide whether it is a wrong choice or the right one.

Feminism has become such a dumbed down and cheap term in India these days, that every frivolous attention-seeking act by a woman is termed ‘feminist’ and men are always forced to be on the defensive.

As a mother of two sons and one daughter, I shudder to think of what this warped notion of ‘feminism’ doing to today’s kids.

Shefali Vaidya

Who do you support? Shefali Vaidya or the girl who rejected the guy? Let us know in comments below.