Noida is NOT SAFE: Thrashed, Gunshot and they Finally Robbed his Car


Noida is NOT SAFE: Thrashed, Gunshot and they Finally Robbed his Car

Noida is not safe! Government and Police system is just for namesake only. And no wonder for UP police this is just one of the incidents that happens almost every day in Noida. But you would have never thought such incident can take place near such a busy place as OMAXE. Read ahead to know the cruelty of these Noida goons.

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Noida is NOT SAFE Thrashed, Gunshot and they Finally Robbed his Car
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This is a very sad reminder of what place called Noida is and how incapable the UP police is. This is the biggest challenge when you live in Delhi-NCR !!

Akhil Chadha narrates about this horrific incident:
Got Robbed (snatched my car) and GUNSHOT
May 5, 2016 night…. One the horrified experience of my life!
That night was quite a night, not the one you would want to live through.
This incident happened about approx. 500 mts away from Omaxe Grand in Sector 93 B Noida where I am living. I was on my way to home from near by market Sector 18 to celebrate my parent’s anniversary. Hardly it was around 9:30 PM when my car – was hit badly from behind on purpose by a white color Xylo/bolero cab bearing commercial number plate, like anyone could have done in the similar situation I stepped out of my car to see what damages has happened not knowing what the people in the car were upto.
They immediately blocked my way from the front and there were about 7-8 men in the car stepped out and 4 among them holding the pistols and rods. One of them grabbed me from behind, another guy hit my leg with a rod and the third one fired 3 rounds, of which 1 was on my shoulder and in fractions of second I was shot on my right shoulder by one of the guy. They started hitting me slashing my Tee shirt and I fell down in pain. 2 of the men sat in my car. I had nearly 10-12K cash, Samsung Note 3 cellphone and GPS tracker (which unfortunately was off because of battery
drain) in my car that time. They ran with both cars towards Advant Navis Business Park is located in sector 142 on Noida Expressway.
People saw and nobody came forward to help or rescue nor could I find any patrolling police cars around at 10.00 PM in Noida. I took the courage and start moving towards my society; I was bleeding badly and my tee was all straining in blood and paining terribly. I could barely walk but managed reaching my home somehow and was immediately rushed to Yatharth Wellness Hospital where I had surgery for hours to remove bullet.
I’m injured, shocked, horrified not only physically but also mentally as couldn’t understand what, how, and why it happened with me, near my home, in a very crowded area. I will be feeling more insecure for me and my family due to these incidents. Where is the beefed up security that we trusted while selecting government? Not sure what will it fetch me, not my car, cash or my cell phone am sure. But idea is to ensure authorities have enough pressure to be on their toes so that this does not happen again.
Please spread the word, share this, because I am sure modus operandi of these goons is same. Atleast you and your dear ones can avoid being a victim.

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This is the new strategy to rob. Hit a random person from behind and when he/she walks out of the car, injure and take his/her car. We have been hearing such stories but when it happens to someone you know you realize how painful it is.

We think everyone in this region particularly those who are shifting to these newly built flats should be extra cautious as the local gentry is full of such criminal elements who are waiting for such vulnerable people to loot and kill. They also have the support of local politicians and police is also hand in gloves with these elements on many occasions.

Raise your voice, make people aware, share this with all near and dear ones.

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