Handicapped 65 Year Old Lady Crawls to the Panchayat Office to Receive ₹300 Pension: Your Heart will Bleed After Reading this Story


Handicapped 65 Year Old Lady Crawls to the Panchayat Office to Receive ₹300 Pension: Your Heart will Bleed After Reading this Story

This 65 year old lady who is physically challenged is forced to crawl to the panchayat office to receive her pension every month. Why the Government of India or State Government or it’s employees are so much insensitive towards such people? If the old people are not given much importance in our country then how can we say that the country is like our mother? A country should give more facilities to the elder citizens as they need lots of consideration and support to decrease their mental frustration.

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Handicapped 65 Year Old Lady Crawls to the Panchayat Office to Receive ₹300 Pension Your Heart will Bleed After Reading this Story
Image Credits: newindianexpress.com

Read the heart-bleeding story of 65 year old lady neglecting her physical weakness and crawls to the panchayat office for receiving her pension!!

65 year old named Rudana Dehury of Kadalimunda village in Odisha is leading a miserable life since her family and her relatives abandoned her. She is all-alone in her home. She is surviving with the pension provided by the Government.  She is physically challenged with her back bent too much that she can’t walk but can crawl. Every month she is forced to crawl atleast 2 km to reach Nunukapasi panchayat office under Kishorenagar block in Athamallick sub-division, crossing NH-55, to collect ₹300 pension, which is the only means of her livelihood. Authorities are not doing any favor to the old lady even though she had requested for provision so that she can receive the pension at her home.

“I had appealed on several occasions that I cannot walk as my condition does not permit me and my pension may be delivered at home. The pleas went unheard and I have to drag myself the distance to get this,” said Rudana.
“There is no provision to deliver pension at the doorstep if there are legal heirs. We will find out if anybody can collect the money on her behalf,” said Athmallik Sub-Collector Amulya Panda.

See this is the pathetic condition of the poor old lady. Aren’t you deeply moved by reading this story? Then try to raise your voice against this kind of social negligence.

Science may have found a cure for most evils: but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all-the apathy of human beings.

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Here the apathy of the authorities and the young generation needs treatment. Because if in our family we are not showing respect and concern towards our grand parents then how can a society show a positive concern towards old citizens? If we really want to change the attitude of the government authorities we should develop an attitude that old people are the great asset that we possess than possessing crores of money.

Unity is Strength and all Indians should raise their voice together so that it can wipe out the negligence towards old citizens. Then only our Government will give much importance to the affairs of old people.

So the above-mentioned story of Rudhana needs proper attention and care from our side. Only One Rudhana is being exposed in the media and imagine how many more will be there hidden behind the curtains facing this kind of negligence there by leading a very pathetic life. So dear Readers raise your voice against such social issue and prove that you are a true human.