Old Man From The Streets Of Isangar Shows Utter Honesty.


Old man From The Streets Of Isangar Shows Utter Honesty.

One random morning, a man from Isangar withdrew an amount of 90,000 Rs from the bank. He wanted to be sure about the safety of the money so he kept it in the back of his car but however due to the bumpy and broken roads the money accidentally fell off the car. The moment man realized that he had lost the money he immediately went to the nearest police station to file a complaint and also mentioned he had seen few beggars lingering around  the area where he had lost his money.

old man returns big amount safelyImage source: www.lakhimpurlive.com

Meanwhile an old man had found this money lying on the road and instead of running away with the money he decided to rush to a police station and handover the big amount.

Caption Vinod, A senior police office was so impressed with the old man’s honestly that he rewarded him with a cash prize of Rs 7000 and a new pair of Dhoti-Kurta.

This story proves that not every poor person is a thief. These people might not have big bank accounts with huge bank balance but they surely have a big and honest heart.

Isn’t this story utterly hear touching? what do you guys think?