Old Mobile Phones can be Recycled an Initiative to Turn the Waste to Valuables


Old Mobile Phones can be Recycled an Initiative to Turn the Waste to Valuables:

Old mobile phones which are left  over in homes can be changed into valuable items. As new featured mobile phones are increasing day to day the number of old phones left in our homes is rising. As people are always attracted towards latest models of smart phones the old mobile phones are out of fashion for them. Even the phones may be properly working , but they will discard them. In this situation a helping hand is rendered by Karma Recycling founded by Aamir Jariwala and Akshat Ghiya, and it collects and recycles the old mobile phones.
Old Mobile Phones can be Recycled an Initiative to Turn the Waste to Valuables-Aamir-Jariwala-and-Akshat-Ghiya
“When we started looking at the ways people dispose of e-waste in India, we found that most of the market was owned by kabadiwalas (scrap dealers). There was very little emphasis on reuse. So we knew there was a mountain of mobile devices lying in people’s homes and no one knew what to do with them,” says Akshat Ghiya.
Today, Karma is a leading redistributor of recycled mobile devices in India and they are collecting and recycling and repairing and re-fixing the old phones through websites and retailers.
Akshat Ghiya says: “Many of them have very small problems — like the camera is not working. The beauty is that a lot of times the mobile phones that we get are perfectly functional. The first thing we do is a deep data wipe and cleanup. We check that everything is working in the phone with the help of a 70-step check. In 65-70% cases there is no need for repair. And we refurbish about 25% of the collection. When a device cannot be repaired, we break it down into its working and non-working spare parts. Working parts are used to repair other phones. And the parts that cannot be repaired are recycled responsibly according to our zero landfill policy. We are also a Government of India authorized electronic waste collector and segregator.”
Currently, the phones are sold only through retailers and dealers in very cheap cost  but Karma will soon launch an e-retail website called karmamobile.in, where customers can place their orders directly and this venture will surely reduce the harmful effects of  un-disposed wastes in our environment.
Through this project they were able to recycle about 20000 of old mobile phones and has successfully re-distributed it after re-fixing. Actually this project reduced the disposal of electronic wastes in the land and reduced the environmental pollution too. These people had done a very great job by thinking in an entirely different manner.
If you have old phones in your homes, now it can be recycled it very easily these two people are willing to collect it for recycling. For a healthy living the discarded items should be recycled in a proper and useful manner. Any job will become flourished if it gets the support of every one. We can join our hands and actively participate in this useful venture.
You can contact Karma Recycling by tapping here.