Plants from Old Wooden Pencils: Magic or Reality?


Plants from Old Wooden Pencils : Magic or Reality?

Old wooden pencils turned into plants. Idea is appreciable isn’t? A plant from old wooden pencil is a product of The name of the pencil is Sprout Pencil, which is highly sustainable. So olden wooden pencils need not be discarded as it can be planted.

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Plants from Old Wooden Pencils

The Sprout World is a Danish Company, which was, established in 2012 by entrepreneurs Michael Stausholm and Jonathan Low. Three students from Massachusetts Institute for Technology located in Boston originally invented the Sprout Pencil and it is being later taken over by Sprout World.

Sprout world had influenced the public with its sustainable pencil. From the idea of Sprout pencil it is well proved that any useless material can be turned out to be a useful thing. How old wooden pencils are growing into plant saplings? The answer to this question is as follows:

The pencil is made of natural materials: the body is cedar wood, while the “lead” is a mixture of clay and graphite.


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Normal wooden pencils have an eraser at its one end but a sprout pencil is attached with a seed capsule involving several varieties of plants including herbs, flowers and vegetables. After using the writing end completely the end of the pencil attached with the seed capsule can be planted in the soil and the seed will germinate after some days. The pencil plant requires daily supply of water. Due to this specialty the sales of the Sprout Pencil is increasing enormously.

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Plants from Old Wooden Pencils

Based outside Copenhagen, Denmark, the company makes writing implements and business cards that, when planted in soil, grow into herbs, vegetables or flowers reports The Huffington Post.

“We as individuals know we cannot save the planet, but we can do things little by little, we can take small steps in our everyday life,” Michael Stausholm, Sprout’s chief executive, told The Huffington Post.
“That’s what people have in mind when they buy a Sprout pencil — you can feel you can make a difference by buying something you don’t have to throw out afterward, but plant it instead to give it a new life,” added Michael.

The pencil is available on Sprout’s site, in Whole Foods Supermarkets and on Amazon at a reasonable rate.


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Old wooden pencil plants are really inspiring!! Multi purpose pencil will surely occupy a position in the world market.