Once A Cheater Always A Cheater


Every time when you hug him tight you don’t feel the connection you felt before? Well that’s the biggest sign, the sign where you can sense something is wrong. It’s not necessary that the reason behind this is that he is not faithful. There could be several issues going around in his mind but if you notice these signs mentioned below in particular then girlfriend, something is definitely fishy. Once a cheater always a cheater. checkout the signs that shows he is cheating on you.

Too much sex or no sex at all:

A no sex life can be a hint that he is no more interested in you and your body. He is obviously getting some from the other woman so why would he need to come home to you for this particular thing but on the other hand if he is crazy horny all the time and you both spend most of the time in your bedroom that could be a big sign as well. Sleeping with two women is kind of a huge deal as well as a big turn on for a man.

too much sex or no sex at all
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Is all his gadgets password safe and there is no way in hell that you could enter any one of them without punching a pass lock. We think he is hiding something from you. Your partner should not keep any kinds of secrets from you be is as little as a phone password. And if this is the case then he obviously has something to hide.

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Takes better care of himself:

So all this while you were literally running after him to get a haircut but he couldn’t care less. Now he is taking care of the little things. He suddenly likes to dress up better and smell nice. Nothing is wrong in that but the intention behind is definitely matters.

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Too many mood swings:

Is he always mad at you because of the little things that he didn’t ever bother to notice back in the days? Does he always stay irritated and never wants to talk about it? These crazy mood swings can be a huge sign that he is done with you and wants to call off this relationship as soon as possible. He has obviously found someone else and wants to get rid of you in no time.

mood swings
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Defensive mode always on:

If by chance you end up asking him as to why he coming home late from work, he gets all defensive and presents a list of old cliche work excuses? Does is always play the blame game and puts you under the lime light so that he is not questioned about anything. If he has been behaving like that then he is obviously up to no good. He has been doing something he is not supposed to which is obviously not good for your relationship.

defense mode on
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