Dear Hon’ble PM – Shri Modi Ji I Voted for You – An Open Letter


Dear Hon’ble PM – Shri Modi Ji I Voted for You – An Open Letter

An Open Letter - Dear Hon'ble PM - Shri Modi Ji I Voted for You
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Here is an open letter written by an ordinary citizen of India who voted for Narendra Modi and wish that this letter reaches him.

Dear Modi Sir,

I am one of the young brigade who had voted for you and a dynamic government last May. My faith in you and your government has remained as rock solid as before.

Sir, I am very concerned about the recent happenings in India with emphasis on Paid Media and the so called freedom of speech of the 4th estate. Sir, they are taking it for granted – an example is the recent hanging of a terrorist Yakub Memon – he was accorded a full page obituary with intimate details of his life and the hon’ble Supreme Court was made a villain. The view was that an innocent man was condemned to gallows – hundreds of pics of the deluge of “mourners” screamed from the front pages on 31-July-2015 papers – TOI, HT, INDIAN EXPRESS, HINDU and not mentioning the TV Media houses – Times NOW, NDTV, CNN IBN…it was as if a great nationalist had died a “hero’s” death and the Indian Judiciary and Executive was shown in poor light. Sadly, the coverage of our country’s illustrious son’s funeral – the irreplaceable and the Bharat Ratna Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – was relegated to a side story as an also-ran.

My head bowed in shame – is this what the media has come to today?

Its high time, sir, we take some concrete steps to cut these media houses and their “secular” credentials to size. I am not sure, if you agree, but my fear is that they are “stoking” nationalist feelings and unrest among masses with useless debates on national TV and print media. A terrorist has no religion and by giving a communal color to the hanging, the media has actually tarnished the high standard of our Honorable Supreme Court and the office of the President. Who are they to debate and take a side (sometimes strongly in favour or against a particular person)?

Will the Indian Government consider bringing a censure motion against these media and strongly warn them of not exceeding their obligation – reporting the news and not play the jury and judge?

There are a few nationalists like me who get frustrated with the “secular” word being abused by a section of society and the Media is playing a big role in stoking these wrong things. What was the need of the media to call Chota Shakeel and ask for his “views” – how do they even get these weird ideas to call wanted criminals, fugitives and then stay silent when these mass murderers openly claim on National TV that “there will be consequences for Yakub’s hanging” – a clear threat. Why are we even giving them importance which is neither required nor welcomed? Why do their (reporters/media) nationalist feelings not get awakened and why cant they tell in reply that they better not threat us – We have enough galls to go outside our home and hunt them down with the same impunity as we did in Myanmar a few weeks ago?

Sir, it is a very long grievance and I am sure you would not have the time to read it but this is what my conscience says – its time to take actions (direct/sublime) and get our house in order first. The so called 4th estate MUST be reigned in and they cannot be allowed to say nonsense in the name of “freedom” and “secularism” etc.

Most importantly, they MUST NOT say anything which demeans the Honorable Supreme Court and the office of PM or President and overall show our country in bad light!


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