Parent-Teen Conflict and Overcoming the Challenge


Parent-Teen Conflict and Overcoming the Challenge

Teenage years are the most beautiful years of our lives. These are the years we never want to end though there might be both good and bad times. Teenage brings with it the infamous parent-teen issues. While we’re busy making new friends, learning how to drive and other things, our parents seem to drift far away from us. “Sure, I love them. But they just don’t understand me”. We have all been through this phase.

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parent-teen conflict

Parents tend to be overprotective of their kids. They unconsciously try to teach them what is to be done and how. We have known our parents to over-react in more than a few cases. On one hand, little things make them jump up on their feet. On the other, they miss out on some significant details. This is exactly when the parent-teen conflict comes into being and so does every teenager’s hard time.

What parents need to understand is that their kids aren’t just little babies anymore. They’re grown up and can take care of themselves. Drugs, alcohol, sex and pregnancy are every parent’s nightmare. The slightest hint of them, they get infuriated. None of the explanations work and before you know it, you’re grounded. The arguments make everything worse for both. Parents mean to do good for their kids, of course. But the kid just wouldn’t listen. The need is to act before the parent-teen drift kicks in.

There is normal tendency to think that you know what is good for your child. In most cases, also true. But your child needs to have a say in what he/she would like to do and not. Reading too many parenting books would only add to the problem because not every child is the same. Trust your teen and your instincts as well. No book will tell you how to make your child feel that you love them. The initiative is to be taken by you. The need of the hour is to develop an understanding between parents and teens.

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Communicating is one way to do so. Sit with your kid and talk. Talk about what’s going on and if something is bothering them. Listen without judging and advising. Let them know that it is completely alright to make mistakes and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Your child needs to know that you’ve got their back. Assure them that you’ll be there always and that he/she can confide in you. Be a friend and not only a parent.

Love comes without barriers and so, let us all kick the parent-teen barrier out of our beautiful years. We are all in this together.