Parents!! Reflectors of Children – Parenting Tips and Advice


Parenting Tips and Advice: Parents!! Reflectors of Children!!

Parents along with children is a sign of good family. Good responsible parents are like mirrors for their children. Child’s all round behavior depends on parental attitude. In this profit motive world no one have time even to turn their heads back. Who are the exact victims!! Actual victims for their negligent attitudes are the little buds. They will be left in a world  of loneliness and depression.
Parents!! Reflectors of Children!!
Who can change their behavior? Its only parents!!Both father and mother should spent some time with their children in their busy schedule, they should care their children to the utmost level. It will help to develop their mental and emotional skills. Mentally good children can tackle all problems in their life. They will be self confident and ambitious. Dad and Mom should treat their children like kids always giving special love and attention to their children. They should appreciate and scold their children based on their deeds.
Children are like bubbles of water which can burst if sudden temptation occurs.Both of them should mold their children at the bud stage itself. In spite of eagering for money try to mold ones child. This should be the motive of every parent. When they become good friends children will disclose everything to them including  both positives and negatives . They will become mentally and emotionally fit. Children are the back bones of every country. Actually children are the images created by parental mirrors.If they are mentally and physically fit parents will be satisfied. Parents should always be a scaffolder and a good guide to their children.
All parents should read this and must understand that the actual wealth they possess are their children. Children are the most precious and valuable gifts given by God.
So it is the duty of each and every parent to mold and nurture their kids so that they will fly a colorful butterfly!!