Petition to Ban Jokes Against Sikhs!


Petition to Ban Jokes Against Sikhs!

India is a country of many races, religions, beliefs and cultures. When there is so much diversity within a country, there are often differences between people, even fundamentally, even though they are all Indians. One way of discriminating is through jokes. Most Indians have heard of or cracked jokes about other Indians from different communities, making fun of their accents, their mannerisms, clothing and so on. And since everything nowadays spreads on social media, so have these jokes against sikhs. But every joke has its limit.

Jokes against sikhs
The Sikh community is one of many to be meaninglessly discriminated against in India.

The Sikh community has dealt with discrimination to unbearable levels. Other than the fact that jokes and such other forms of discrimination takes place against them, there are often moments when ruthless comments of discrimination, as well as meaningless judgements are passed about them, which have no basis at all. And if these comments are visible to the world on social media, they only make the situation worse, which is the case with the Sikh community. Many would ask them to ignore this reality, but who would want to deal with something like this, which occurs for no particular logical rhyme or reason?

A petition has been filed on to stop this kind of discrimination against our Sikh brothers and sisters. Let us all show that there is humanity and unity left within us and that we are Indians first and foremost. If the younger generation of the country does not stand up and fight against these meaningless practices in the country, they will continue to prevail and harm out national spirit and the pride that we all have to be Indians. Our country is truly a unique and diverse one, and we should celebrate this diversity instead of making it a reason for fights between sons of the same motherland. Sign the petition by clicking here, if you agree.

Do you think this petition will help to reduce such forms of discrimination in the country? Tell us, in the comments section!!!