What to do When Petrol Pump Employee Misbehaves with You?


What to do When Petrol Pump Employee Misbehaves with You?

We came across this interesting post by Sumit Parmar, one of the consumer of Bharat Petroleum. Interestingly this XUV owner claims that he was charged for more than the car diesel capacity by the petrol pump employee however on the other hand Ankur Kohli givs a logical explanation about this issue. We also suggest Mr. Paramar to follow these easy steps given in this write-up to register the complaint about the misbehavior by the Petrol Pump employee for logical conclusion.

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What to do When Petrol Pump Employee Misbehaves with You,

Sumit Parmar writes on his facebook timeline:
Petrol Pump at their looting best, Bharat Petroleum station (Prem Service Station), Moolchand, New Delhi, filled 74 liters of Diesel in my XUV where the car capacity is only 70 liters plus the car was already having around 10 liters of diesel. Upon questioning when the car capacity is only 70 liters how can you fill 74 liters and charge me of these extra liters, please see the point wise response:
1. You may have a bigger tank
2. We know everyone at Police so if I want I can go and complaint.
3. I was suggested to put this matter on Social Media.
4. Our boss knows Mr. Kejriwal personally so nothing can harm us. I am really perplexed with the situation of our country, Petrol Pump employees think themselves beyond the law and can openly in a good posh locality loot people so openly.
This obviously is happening because the Petrol Pump owner must be an influential person who have trained his employees to behave in this fashion. It’s not the money that matters but it’s the behaviour and the way they made me feel in front of my family. I need this message to go to the right authorities to see the corruption is not only happening in Government agencies but it’s more prominent at such places where common man is looted of his hard earned money in broad day light. Mr. Kejriwal can I expect your support in this? Imagine the level of fraud and the money these guys are making. Friends please help me by sharing my grievance on your wall so that this reaches to this right authority. Jai Hind, Mera Bharat Mahan!

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How to register a complaint with Bharat Petroleum?

Call Customer Care: In order to register complaint or share feedback related to Bharat Petroleum products customer can directly call their Smart Line 1800 22 4344 ( Toll Free ).

Register Complaint Online: Customers can also share feedback or register complaints related to Bharat Petroleum products here

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Ankur Kohli gives a logical answers to the above claims by Sumit Parmar

Just a piece of information and not justification-
1. The fuel tanks of auto OEM’s may or may not be calibrated.
2. The piped hose (which isn’t a part of the tank) connecting the tank to the fuel lid accommodates some fuel. If filled till the brim, it can hold the extra fuel.
3. The tank capacity also includes an air gap, which must be maintained in order to prevent the tank from exploding in case of a mishap. If there is no buffer gap in the tank the pressure in the tank will be dangerously high.
Though there will not be any harm if one fills to the brim. But the OEM recommends “x” liters to ensure nothing serious happens in case of a mishap. The manual does not mention the actual tank capacity in the vehicle specifications section.
If any XYZ customer is not satisfied and feels he/she has been cheated, than they should emphasize on Quantity and Quality check at the outlet itself, to which no dealer or their representative can refuse.
But, on the part of behavioral issue, cant comment. Though i know the dealer and his team at Prem Service Station, it is tough to accept that this type of response has been given by them. Still will forward this message to them for further n/a.
Though it’s a common concern these days at petrol pumps but other conversation I cannot comment!!

We request everyone to be educated about the various possibilities to register complaint if they come across such a situation.