Phillauri (2017) : Movie Review


Phillauri (2017) : Movie Review

Phillauri is a feel good rom com which is like a mishmash of too many things rolled into one. The director looks confused what exactly he’s trying to put forward , it starts off as a comedy, then moves towards serious issues like the independence struggle and women empowerment and then gets back in the right gear of what it all began with. So it’s got comedy , romance , foot tapping music , patriotism , supernatural beliefs etc etc yet it misses hitting the bulls eye. [Read: Fate Of Bollywood Movies In 2016 ]

Phillauri 2017 Movie Review-Fantoosy

A young boy with the tag “Kaneda(Canada) returned” returns to India to marry his childhood sweetheart. There is a revisiting Monsoon Wedding kind of over the top set up with a platter of hamming Punjabi supporting cast. Thankfully that ordeal ends soon when the boy is declared Manglik and is married off to a tree much against his consent. A friendly ghost who lived on that doomed tree follows the boy to his home and creates a ruckus unintentionally as she is visible only to him which results in far too many comical situations which may or may not amuse you as a viewer. The boy then tries helping the ghost who had died way back in 1919 and has unfulfilled wishes.

Agreed the concept sounds “novel” but such fantasies ain’t really welcome in today’s age of fast paced crisp and compact movies. The editor needs to be fired off for ignoring his / her job as the movie could have easily been wrapped off in a good 90 minutes whereas it drags over 2 “yawn ” hours. The cinematography is a clear winner along with a crisp screenplay and an over imaginative story line. Music is a major let down except for the “Sahiba” song. [Read: Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya (2017) : Movie Review


Anushka Sharma tries hard to hog the limelight but fails miserably , her act as the friendly ghost doesn’t impress with her dialogue delivery reminiscent of 90s ham queen Pooja Bhatt. In the flashback scenes she is all the more disappointing and doesn’t really fit the part of a docile punjabi girl of the pre independence era. Singer actor Diljit Dosanjh looks sincere to his part and performs with aplomb. Suraj Sharma is perfectly cast and tickles the funny bone with his natural flare for comedy, petite and young Mehreen Kaur Pirzada is wasted and cries bucketful of tears throughout the movie. Manav Vij and veteran Raza Murad appear in the flashback episodes and look the part of the period drama.

This is a classic case of a good concept gone awry with the producers trying to squeeze in various genres and making a complete mess of a good rom com. The director’s mismanagement also pulls down the movie’s standards further. If only the movie was edited well into a enjoyable 90 minute fun ride.

Meanwhile enjoy watching the trailer of Phillauri