Photos : Superfast Mahamana Express Trashed by Passangers!


Photos : Superfast Mahamana Express Trashed by Passangers!

India, as a country, is in need of development, and a lot of initiatives by the Indian Government and by monied corporations have been taken in hope of creating a better tomorrow for India, and putting us on the same platform as other leading countries in the world – socially, economically, in terms of infrastructure and development as a whole. India is a vast country, and our railway system has for long been something that we have been proud of. The Mahamana Express is another one of these modern trains deployed by the Indian Railways in order to bring up the standard of our trains to match those of other international railways.

Sadly, one of the reasons why India’s development is not taking place at such a fast rate is the attitude of the Indian public. People take all these facilities for granted, and are too used to their sub-standard lives and ways of surviving that they cannot accept or take care of the new technologies that are implemented for their own benefit. They misuse and mistreat these facilities that they get, making it a failed effort on the part of the Government and other organisers who take such developmental initiatives. The Mahamana Express, which has recently started running (it has been less than a week), was found in shambles, with passengers having misused all the facilities that were provided to them through the train. Unhygienic habits of the passengers and misuse of the facilities provided in the train have left Indians ashamed, and shown us why our country is still behind the leading powers in the world. Nobody is to blame, except for us.mahamana express

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Disgraceful, isn’t it? if we can’t even appreciate the Government’s initiatives towards us, who are we to criticise them for the underdeveloped nature of our country? Let us be logical, and help the Government as they try to help us. Working together, we can truly create a better future for our country. But until and unless we are able to cooperate with the necessary authorities, our country will not be able to make any progress, and we will be stuck with the ‘developing’ tag forever. The Mahamana Express incident should be a lesson for us, showing us what NOT to do.

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