Pigeon Tower in Gujarat is Fully Contributed by a Beggar


Pigeon Tower in Gujarat is Fully Contributed by a Beggar

Pigeon Tower held up in Gujarat is constructed with the money earned by a beggar. It is quite astonishing!!! Pigeon Tower from the offerings of a beggar !!! Can you believe this and you all may be wondered to hear this news. Actually all the people view beggars in a different angle. Some offers money and food to them and some wont? Isn’t? Some considers them as useless fellows. Pigeon tower will change the attitude of a common man. Lets see!!

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Pigeon Tower in Gujarat is Fully Contributed by a Beggar

A man behind the construction of Pigeon Tower is a temple priest and he is doing it with the money offered by a beggar. This is a real story of a temple priest and a beggar and the readers will be influenced surely!!!

Mauni Baba is a temple priest in Bihari Lal Mahadev temple in Bhuj, Gujarat. Some 43 years ago, a mentally challenged beggar approached the temple and the priest out of sympathy gave him tea to drink. To his surprise beggar named Popat paid him for the tea and this was quite strange as far as a beggar is concerned and for the first time a beggar was offering money to the Almighty.

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From that day onwards, Popat became a frequent visitor to the temple. Mauni Baba would offer him tea and he would pay for it and as he was mentally challenged he was unaware of the exact amount of money given by him and the priest was not profit minded so he maintained a separate account of the money given by Popat.

And now, after 40 years, here is what Mauni Baba said. “Popat has been coming to the temple daily since 1973. After the darshan, we offer him tea. Despite being mentally challenged, he never forgets to pay. But I have been maintaining an account of his contribution and it has swelled to Rs 1.15 lakh.”

The amount collected became huge lumps Popat’s growing contribution has became enormous. And this substantial sum will act as a shade for birds from the harmful solar radiation. Priest  has decided to use the money to build  a pigeon-tower in the temple. It looks like a tower and has octagonal or pentagonal shaped enclosures at the top. In the upper enclosure are several holes where birds can nest. In Gujarat, these structures are constructed at the entrance to villages, especially for use by pigeons. It will be a relief to the birds and this pigeon tower will occupy a significant place. Along with the pigeon tower the name of the poor beggar will occupy a place in the history.

“We decided to immortalize Popat by engraving his name on the Chabutro as the donor,” Mauni Baba told Times of India.

So many strange things are happening in our country which is proving to be inspiring and motivating!!