PM Modi Offers Glass Of Water To MP Bhagwant Mann of the AAP


PM Modi Offers Glass Of Water To MP Bhagwant Mann of the AAP

Recently in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi offered his glass of water to Bhagwant Mann of the AAP, who was protesting against the CBI raids on Delhi Government Secretariat. Mann was reportedly shouting slogans in the Well, and seemed uneasy and was looking for some water on the Lok Sabha Secretariat Officials’ table.

PM Modi
Bhagwant Mann, MP from the Aam Aadmi Party

On seeing this, Modi offered him his own glass of water, with a smile on his face. Mann accepted the offer, and drank the water, after which the two exchanged smiles. Mann then kept the glass on the table, and Modi put the cover on it. This gesture was applauded by many BJP members who were present.

Mann then continued to shout slogans against the Government, which was taking place inside the Well (some members of the Congress were also a part of the slogan-shouting), after the Speaker disallowed notices of motions to adjourn the Question Hour on several issues including the role of the Arunachal Pradesh Governor.

PM Modi
PM Narendra Modi

The AAP member from Punjab’s Sangrur constituency had been showing a bunch of papers to Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to get her attention. The Speaker even warned Mann at one point of time, saying that his behaviour was “not good”, after which Mann moved to the other side of the Well and was standing near Modi’s seat, at the time of the incident.

Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj and many other leaders were seen laughing at the incident. This incident took place a day after CM Kejriwal attacked PM Modi on Twitter about the day-long CBI raid at the Delhi Secretariat.

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