Pollution Level in India is Increasing Day by Day: Needs Attention!!!


Pollution Level in India is increasing day by day: Needs Attention!!!

Pollution level in India is increasing day by day. The increase in pollution level is detected in an analysis done by  Greenpeace of NASA satellite.. Reports shown that air pollution levels in 2015 in India are much more than the over populated China. And our country will be declared as the most polluted country if the existing condition prevails. The average particulate matter exposure was higher for Indian citizens than that of Chinese people.’ India has exceeded China in the pollution level.

Pollution Level in India is Increasing Day by Day

‘China’s strong measures to curb pollution have contributed to the biggest year-on-year air quality improvement on record while in contrast, India’s pollution levels continued a decade-long, increase to reach the highest level on record,” says Greenpeace India.

Air pollution involves the contamination of the atmosphere by poisonous compounds of carbon, sulphur, hydrogen etc.

Increasing number of vehicles and industries in our country contribute a lot to the air pollution. Any undesired material that cause harm to our atmosphere and environment can be considered as a pollutant. Vehicles releases poisonous gases that turn out to be the root cause for the air pollution, global warming, climatic change, ozone depletion, acid rain, eutrophication and also affects all living beings. If the condition prevails like this living beings cannot survive in the blue planet “Earth”. Even the most populated country is very much conscious about life expectancy. Still we  Indians are not giving importance to environmental protection and in demystifying carbon foot print.

15 out of 17 Indian cities with NAQI stations showed high levels of air pollution beyond standard levels, which is leading to major health related issues and increasing the death rate in our country.

What we can do to stop this issue: First minimize the usage of vehicles and give importance to cycling or walking if the destination is too short. Campaigns should be arranged to motivate people to reduce air pollution. Three R’s should be practiced and give importance to the usage of energy efficient machines and vehicles which emit less smoke. Also energy conservation resources should be given due importance.

Social organization green peace stresses the importance of a robust system to stop air pollution in public areas. People should be empowered to take action to safeguard their own health, and the government should issue red alerts during bad air days.

‘The satellite images until 2005 showed India’s pollution, while serious, was lot lower than eastern China’s. In 2015, India particulate pollution stands higher than that of China, after increasing at an average rate of 2 per cent over the past decade,’ it said.

Behind all environmental issues lies the action of human beings. So we should promote eco friendly activities and can preserve the blue planet!!!