Possible Delhi Kidnapping Racket : Child Saved Luckily


Possible Delhi Kidnapping Racket : Child Saved Luckily

Crime and wrongdoing is rather prevalent in today’s day and age, and those who resort to such measures do not back down easily. Kidnapping is one such crime, and a kidnapping racket could be functioning anywhere. We’ve all heard from our parents that we shouldn’t talk to or listen to strangers. But when the situation actually arises, few realise what they’re getting into, before it’s too late. This story shared on Facebook by Rajjo Dua will make you worry about your family’s safety.

Kidnappings can take place anywhere, at the most unexpected times.

“Attention, parents:
Hi All,
I want to share the incident happened in my brother’s family with you all keeping in mind that awareness might prepare you all, as parents and guiding kids, for the unexpected too.
My parents and my brother’s family attended a marriage at Rajouri Garden a couple of days ago and it just shook all of them there and me here thinking about the worst it could easily bring upon us.My niece, 4 years old, who was playing around in the marriage comfortably,went to the one of the food stalls to get her something and there she was approached by this man, actually a waiter who told her that her Mummy was calling her outside the tent..probably at the back side, and he started running right after having said so. My niece who believed this total stranger ran after him, thinking Mummy was outside. Needless to say, its very difficult for a 4 year old to know what should be done in such situations. Thankfully, by the grace of God, my brother had noticed her running after this man and he followed them to find that there were other people waiting outside, and they all quickly ran away when they noticed my brother coming to her rescue. Unfortunately, they could not be caught, and my niece, being too little, cant identify faces either..Although my family did whatever they could, checking and asking all other waiters there, but the efforts went in vain.
There is a possible racket doing all this at marriages. Please be aware, parents, that sick minds, criminals can be anywhere so never let your kids leave your sight, not even for a minute; and also most and most importantly, teach your little kids to not believe strangers and always tell them to inform your other family members or relatives if they get subjected to such a situation.
My brother and his wife are very protective parents who don’t let their kids play out of their sight. If this could happen with them, it can easily happen with anyone anywhere. It all happened way too fast to believe it. It still has not been absorbed yet.”

If there really is an active kidnapping racket, we should all take extra care of our loved ones and be cautious in public.

Be safe, and keep your loved ones safer!