How President’s Met Their First Lady’s Will Fill Your Heart With Love!


How President’s Met Their First Lady (s) Will Fill Your Heart With Love!

We have known our Presidents to be the ones to rule the world. let us take a look at their other sides and witness their stories of how they met their first lady (s).

When Barry Met Michelle

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How President's Met Their First Lady's Will Fill Your Heart With Love!

In 1989 Michelle Robinson was working at a Chicago law firm when she was assigned to mentor a summer associate from Harvard who she thought had a “strange name”: Barack Obama. Soon, Barack, 27, asked Michelle, 25, on a date. She later admitted that she was reluctant to date one of the few black men at the large firm because it seemed “tacky.” Robinson finally relented, and after dating for several months, she suggested they get married. He wasn’t interested. One night in 1991, during dinner at a Chicago restaurant, she brought it up again. Again, he said no. But when dessert showed up, there was an engagement ring in a box on one of the plates. They were married in 1992. Thus, Michelle soon became the First Lady.

When Ronnie Met Nancy

How President's Met Their First Lady's Will Fill Your Heart With Love!

Ronald Reagan first met Nancy Davis when she came to him for help. He was president of the Screen Actors Guild, and she couldn’t get a job acting in movies because another Nancy Davis’s name had shown up on the Hollywood blacklist of alleged communists. But according to Jon Weiner’s book Professors, Politics, and Pop, SAG records show that Nancy’s blacklist problem occurred in 1953, a year after the Reagans were married. So how did they meet? Reagan biographer Anne Edwards says that in 1949 Nancy, who had just become an MGM contract player, told a friend of Reagan’s that she was hoping to meet him. The friend invited the two to a small dinner party, and the rest is history.

When Harry Met Bessie

How President's Met Their First Lady's Will Fill Your Heart With Love!

In 1890, when they were both small children, Harry Truman met Bess Wallace at the Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri. They were both attending Sunday school. He was six and she was five. Truman said: “We made a number of new acquaintances, and I became interested in one in particular. She had golden curls and has, to this day, the most beautiful blue eyes. We went to Sunday school, public school from the fifth grade through high school, graduated in the same class, and marched down life’s road together. For me she still has the blue eyes and golden hair of yesteryear.” Bess and Harry then married in 1919 with her soon becoming the First Lady.

When Georgie Met Martha

How President's Met Their First Lady's Will Fill Your Heart With Love!

In 1758 Martha Dandridge Curtis(27) was recently widowed, but a very wealthy woman. That year George Washington, who was also 27 and already a colonel in the Virginia militia met Martha via the Virginia high-society social scene and proceeded to court her. Courtship was quick and they got married in January 1759. They were, however, happily married for 41 years.

FACT: The marriage took place at the plantation that Martha owned, in what was called the “White House.”