Raabta (2017) : Movie Review


Raabta (2017) : Movie Review

Raabta : I must be amongst the few people who liked ‘Agent Vinod’ (2012). The movie had a melodious song called ‘Raabta’ which was made even more memorable by its creative picturisation. Dinesh Vijan, co- producer of that spy thriller, has chosen ‘Raabta’ not only for a remixed item number, but also as a title of his directorial debut. Must say, it’s an injustice to that song on both fronts!

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Raabta 2017 Movie Review-FantoosyBefore the old as the hills punar janam twist hits us, Raabta starts off in typical ‘Befikre’ (2016) style where flirtatious banker Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) hits off with chocolatier Saira (Kriti Sanon) in the scenic Budapest. They bond together, live – in and Shiv even shoos off her cheesy boyfriend. It seems like a happy- ever- after lust story till their past life (literally!!) catches up with them in form of biz tycoon Zak Merchant (Jim Sarbh).

Post interval, the film morphs in to a ‘Game of Thrones’ parody where we discover Shiv and Saira as past life lovers separated by the same tycoonji. They lived as rival medieval tribes in european attire but spoke fluent bhojpuri. Anyways, the violent history is set to repeat itself in present day – as we are told – courtesy, some obscure comet which visits planet earth every 800 years. Shiv’s life is in danger and by this time, so is the audience’s mental state.

Sushant Singh Rajput does a Ranveer Singh (‘Befikre’wala, not the ‘Bajirao’ of ‘Mastani’, sillies) and is likeable as Shiv. However, he goes a tad overboard in the role of savage warrior. Kriti Sanon – surprise surprise – fares better than him with an assured body language and an overall controlled performance. She’s never looked more prettier. Jim Sarbh is a bad casting decision and his accent sucks. Rajkummar Rao is totally wasted behind all that hideous makeup!

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On the tech front, Raabta fares decently with some well shot locations and a couple of hummable songs (specially, ‘Ik vaari aa’). Surprisingly, Deepika’s star power is frittered away in the title song which is not a patch on the original.

So finally, what works in Raabta? It’s Sushant and Kriti’s super sizzling chemistry. Undoubtedly, the pair deserves a couple of more films together. Raabta is a missed opportunity for them.



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