New Radio Channel for Traffic Updates on National Highways


New Radio Channel for Traffic Updates on National Highways

A New Radio Channel is going to be implemented on National Highways. The New Radio Channel will broadcast traffic updates. Union Road Transport and Highway Ministry takes the new venture of building a new radio channel committed to broadcasting traffic updates on various national highways. The project will be useful to the public if it functions properly. But there are certain administrative hindrances behind the project.

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New Radio Channel for Traffic Updates on National Highways
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A committed radio frequency is essential for the implementation of the project.  That radio frequency will be the key factor that is updating traffic related issues. The frequency will then be used for publicizing traffic updates, safety and travel tips, and even information on accidents and deviations and it will also be used to provide information on emergency medical services for injured travelers. For voice broadcasting the approval from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is mandatory.

To check the usefulness of the Radio channel project, a pilot program has been launched on Thursday to deliver traffic updates to commuters on the 256-km National Highway-8 between Delhi and Jaipur.

Dedicated frequency for the channel can be obtained either from the unused UHF (ultra high frequency) band Doordarshan returned to the government or by getting the license of the frequency earlier allotted to IGNOU for its educational channel Gyan Vani which is not in service due to the non payment of money.

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This new project will be a remedial measure for severe traffic congestion that is creating big trouble on the public. Traffic congestion is a severe problem sustaining in many metropolitan areas. The demerits of traffic congestion are it increases travel time, air pollution, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel use because vehicles cannot run efficiently. So lets hope this radio channel will resolve all traffic related issues.